Could someone explain why Metacritic gave this game a 68?


Well, this is just bullcrap, why 68? I mean I played a couple of times, despite its difficulty, and this game is fair and square. Heck its, even more, fun when you’re playing Competitive mode with your friends on the multiplayer mod.


Because it’s a popular game reviewer. Word of advice: only trust user reviews. You can’t believe how many good games we’re missing out on (and get ridiculously underrated) because popular game reviewers give it a bad rating, reducing its popularity.


That is what I thought so. Game Dev Tycoon isn’t THAT bad.


Giving something a rating of 68 doesn’t imply it’s “THAT bad”.

If 68 is bad… then what’s a 40 or a 30?

68 is basically a 7/10. That’s a GOOD rating.


D+ I would say.

40 and 30 would mean its terrible.


Well, you’re entitled to your opinion. But generally speaking, a 5/10 means average. Therefore a 68 is considerably above average.

And if 40 and 30 mean it’s* terrible, @anon20832479, then what is a 10 or a 20? :rofl:


I think the reason our Steam ratings (10/10) and our iOS metacritic score (89%) are so different from our PC metacritic score (68%) is that the PC metacritic score was based on the game before we made adjustments for Steam. Even though the changes were not drastic, I think the game reports and hint system really makes the game much more approachable and coherent to players. I’m certainly glad we took the time to add these systems instead of rushing the game to Steam.


Metacritit, iirc, just compiles all the reviews they find together and spits out an average score, you can’t really trust their score because if half of the reviewers make a negative review and the other half make a positive review, it would be rated at around 50.


Well, you tell me Mr.SmartyPants :rofl: