CIV 6! (i wanna do a character spam like "fhwue", but i won't)

I don’t know if i’ll buy it straight away, i want to see if it’s a big improvement on civ 5 (to me, civ:BE is irrelevant) or if the vanilla game will be a bit, well, vanilla without dlc.

However, screw your battlefield 1 and COD: ultra future infinity warfare batshit crazy futuristic (do ppl even still play call of duty?), this is the most hype i have felt for a game in a while.

Are you guys gonna buy it?

Yes, evidently!

No, I bought Civ V a week ago so I gotta explore.

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Why should I buy Civ 6 if I have Civ 5 Ultimate Edition (or whatever it’s named)
Not saying that I won’t (I probably won’t), just asking.

So do I, as I said, I’m waiting for it to come out or if dlc Will be needed for it not to feel vanilla