Chill music! What are you listening to?

What are you listening to? :slight_smile: If you haven’t heard of him before, Troye Sivan makes some sweet music!

Other than that, I listen to some other stuff.

If you want to share your music, feel free! I’d love to get some new tracks in my playlist :slight_smile:

Chill music? Netflix.mp3

To a radio.
But never chill music
never ever

I listen to rap music either original or with it’s bass boosted. Sounds pretty great in my car :smile:

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indie pop


Armin van Buuren is incredible.
TSFH is amazing.
ThePianoGuys is amazing.
Take That is amazing.

There’s a lot of amazing. And incredible.

The Rains of Castamere…?

I am late

but i like to listen to music on records yes records i do this when i am typing messages like this

I’m listening lo-fi playlists on Spotify. They created great playlists and I will download them with a Spotify music downloader and play them offline without Premium.

Amazon Prime music. I own an Amazon Prime membership, so I can listen to Prime music for free. And I also download amazon song to mp3 so that I can enjoy them on my mp3 player.

Relaxing Piano Music & Water Sounds 24/7 :sunglasses:

The new Haiduk album Diabolica