Charlie, Patrick, when will we get news about your new game?

I’m sure I’m not the only one sitting here anxiously waiting for your next game announcement.

Most of us already know you’re working on something and that it won’t be GDT 2 but a ‘business simulation’ as you previously mentioned.

It has been almost a year since your last announcement on the blog, so in the name of the community, please give us something.

If you can’t share any details on the game or release date, please let us know at least when to expect an announcement or ANYTHING like that.

I feel like I’m dying here waiting for something at least.

P.S. Thanks for making GDT and for not making it suck!


@Haxor Not to be rude, but i think he did read that already :wink:

Still, that is all we know.

And no, you aren’t rude in any way now.

Our 2014 recap is still pretty much spot on. We are not ready to talk more about the new game yet but I’m happy to report that our change of game engine was absolutely the right decision. The game will be much better for it :slight_smile: