Change Name "Cheater1" who?


We all love the CheatMod by @kristof1104 however I am sure some of you guys hate seeing “Cheater1” on your team and so forth. Easy name change.

I personally used Notepad++
Download here: notepad++

You can probably use some other editing program but this one works for met.

Depending on what save you have your “Cheater1” in it would either be “slot_1” or “slot_2” or “slot_3” these are the only files you need to change.

Go to: Program files(x86)/Steam/userdata/SteamID/AppID/remote

You will find your save slots now from here use CTRL+F and search “Cheater1” once you find it change the name to whatever you want then save it.

Then start the game and the name would be what you put!