Can't go to translation website


Hi, my name is Magnus and i come from Norway, i tried to register to the translation page but when i clicked the link in the email, i could not get to the website, i tried to click the link i found on google again but i did not get access.

I have translated before but the website was taken down of an unknown reason.
I translated in Norwegian Bokmål.


Hey @GamesIsBest

Thank you for taking the time to contact us. I am very sorry about these troubles. Our translation site suffered an epic fail during update and that side of things went a bit awry. We have brought up a new site in the meantime while we see what can be salvaged from the old site.
We currently have quite a few people registered on the new site so unless there is a new issue this may be a localised or browser issue. Have you tried using a different browser and checking that a pop up blocker is not blocking the link from opening? Also please try copy pasting the link into your browser and see if that helps.
Again I am very sorry for all this fuss.


edit: the same happen when i used internet explorer, its like the browsers get useless.

Thanks, i used google chrome but i did go to internet explorer and it works, but please fix the website for chrome.



Very sorry about that. Are you familiar with Github? If you are you may find using that much easier: