Can we reuse Game Dev Tycoon platform images?


Are modders allowed to reuse the graphics from Game Dev Tycoon, say, by modifying the image to look like something simliar?

I’d like to extend some console generations like the playsystem 3 as in real life which got a slim and super slim version and its just a few edits to change the Playsystem 3 image into something that looks like the Slim and Super Slim.

I mostly want to do this so that people who might want to develop games for a certain console can keep going for a little longer, as consoles like the Genesis/Oasis, Master V/Master System, Nuu/Wii and the Playsystem 3/PLaystation 3 are still supported today well after they’ve been replaced and their original released versions are discontinued.

I’d rather have something that looks closer to the ingame pictures rather then using something else, unless theres a way to replace the ingame pictures through modding.

EDIT : Heres an example of what I’ve done in GIMP


Looking nice!

If you only use those adjusted images for the Game Dev Tycoon mod (not in other projects) then go ahead. You have our permission.


I wouldn’t dream of ripping assets from a game to use on another game or else where.

I just figured my mod would look a bit better if I could have re-released models of consoles that look closer to the GDT style.