Buying this game in south africa?

If i buy this game through humblebundle store or direct from the devs will i be able to download and play it or would it not work at all or just not link to my steam account? Any help would be appreciated thanks guys ive played the demo and really want to show my support

are you talking about the steam code to connect your copy to steam, or cloud savefiles? I would like to hear more :wink:

well when i try to search for the game in the steam store i get an error saying item not available in my region and when i google and do a little searching i see that i cant buy an online download for the game in my country because of our rating system but i have bought games from humblebundle store before and they offer to link the games to steam as well as provide drm free downloads of the game so if i buy the game through the store will i be able to link it with my steam profile and or download the drm free game or will i be prevented from doing either i would like to support the developers

@Quintin_Naicker you should be-able to, you may not be able to buy it but as far as i’m aware there is no country lock on any for the versions

will i not be able to link this to steam or should i only get the drm free version will i be able to download the drm free version i hope what im saying makes sense any help would be appreciated hope i made this post under the correct topic as well

what do you mean by not be able to buy it would it fail to put the purchase through or will the purchase go through but i wont be able to download direct link or link the game to my steam account

@Quintin_Naicker sorry, should have been a fully stop after it, i will correct.

You may not be able to but it, but the steam key might work, although i’m not sure how humble distributes the steam version. the standalone non-steam version will work, but the steam version may not wok, but don’t quote me on that

lol it would be nice to know if any of the mods know or can find out for me also from what i can tell from humble you get a page that has download links to your purchase and a button that links the game to your steam so im not sure if steam would block it instantly or if it will pass

i will check back on this topic later hopefully someone will know how and what to do

@Quintin_Naicker you don’t need the steam version anyway, pretty sure you could just use the standalone version, since there are no differences.

Ok if thats the case then why dont the devs label that as an option for those countries on the exclusion list to be able to obtain a copy of the game if i could get some super secret help from a mod or an anonymous private message help just to confirm the possibility i wouldnt wanna buy something i couldnt download

ok i bought the game through humble bundle will not activate on steam till i get confirmation from someone that it will work i will create a steam ticket and what not and let the support club eventually tell me what to do…around next year until then if i get to install and play im happy and hope the devs continue their great work i hope to one day build something small and fun thats just as good as game dev tycoon, i hope that any new versions to the game will also come across like free patches or something its one of the main reasons i wanted this on steam when new patches come out it auto updates

@Quintin_Naicker Were you able to activate it on steam?