Buying the game from humble bundle?

Hi there.
So I’m from Taiwan, and I’m aware that the devs didn’t put Game Dev Tycoon in Taiwan because of mandatory rating system (which is unfortunate because you can do it here: and it takes less than a hour with little to no money involved, [as far as I’m aware] and since the game doesn’t have inappropriate content, it should go smoothly. Please get it rated here devs!)

Anyways, I was thinking that since the Humble Bundle store seems unrestricted, if I buy it from there, do I get to play the game? I would get the steam key if I purchase there, do I get to redeem the key on steam? And do I get both the steam key and the DRM free version when I buy?

(Note: I’m aware that there was a similar post here with South Africa, but it was sort of confusing to me.)