[bug] Error: Property not set on object: pointsCostEnabled

I’ve gotten an error in GDT.

Error A mod caused an error: Error: property not set on object: pointsCostEnabled Mods: [“Chat Mod”,“gdt-modAPI”,“InfoStatsMod-AbescoUG”,“CK-percentager”,“platform-randomiser”,“UltimateLib”,“UltimateAchievements”,“TweakMod-AbescoUG”,“ad9b95af-3a15-40d9-81ea-773aa1c640ef”,“3591cf4e-15ac-4a70-adab-0abafd035ca0”,“ExpPackMod”,“CAMELOT-EXP-PACK”,“website”]

My current mods folder

Hello, can you get the better error handling mod, and post a screenshot of the error screen when it appears?

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The website mod by @solal2003 is very buggy, i would recommend uninstalling it

Expansion Pack by @DzjengisKhan is pretty buggy, and I suggest turning it off.

Everything by @Everyone is buggy. Turn everything off and uninstall the game. And Your OS.
And throw your computer away. And TV. And Phone. And…
yeah, sorry…


you forgot your console.


Huh… The Website Mod by @solal2003 seemed to be the culprit… Thanks :smile:

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Here is a fixed download Website Mod BCVuazy Fixed