[bug] Error keeps popping up when I launch the game with CheatMod

I installed the CheatMod recently, when I open GDT, he is there on the mods section. I click on it and restart the game. When I open the game, an alert pops up saying:
Error Could not load mod one of the scripts source/source.js is missing or invalid!
I tried re- installing it, but it didn’t work.
Besides mod API, this is the only mod I have.

Can you show a screenshot of the contents inside the CheatMod folder?


show me the source folder


Open Cheatmod.js for me

and what is the name of your computer

The name of my computer is Pedro

I think he meant open it in a text editor…

Oh, sorry. Here it is

Does your name have any accent ? like “é” if not, please show me the error.

If it does. Put your game in C:/ and test it out if not try it anyway. because this is a uncommon error with language support

The name doesn’t have any accent. Here is a picture of the error when I start GDT

How is this relevent to the subject at hand?

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Even the error reporting is strange.
the normal error reporting is like its part of the game

what version are you playing at.

I’m playing at the 1.4.5 version of GDT


Oh haha. Please try to update to 1.5.28 :slight_smile:


every time I click research or develop game it says error and it started when I used the cheat engine to go 46 years into time, I’m using version 1.7.6