Bought the game befor aviable on steam, how to download again without buying the game again? [SOLVED]

Hello dear Forum!
I think my title says it all!
I searched the Forum and found a post which says I should look for in my emails.

However I cannot find it, the thing is, i dont even know which which email i logged on in the first place, because it was years ago and I made a new one, also I am afraid If I deleted the email way back in the day because I thought it was spam… I am not sure though, the thing is, I cannot find the email. what do I do now?

The number of topics on this forum about this exact thing is mind-boggling…
I believe you need proof of purchase.

I know- the easiest solution for an normal, casual user like me, would be if you just could download the game, try to “log in” with an account, so I can figure out what email and stuff i used and then push a button that says " generate steamkey" and then I get my steamkey on my email adress.
It should be that simple because in this day and age a normal user recieves like a 100 emails a day (spam, adds, stupid notifications and so on and so sometimes emails are going to be lost.

Yeah, that and people’s saves breaking because they use UltimateLib.

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Is it the steam key you want? If so:

Geez… Why do people never read the freaking F.A.Q.

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I read the FAQ, HOWEVER as Jediwolf said I probably need proof of my purchase.

By the way the fact that so many people on this forum behave not very polite because they dont unterstand that there are alot of casual users who want to enjoy the game and have now idea how to deal with this situation is mind-boggling.

One person doesn’t equal “so many”. And I wasn’t trying to be rude, I’m sorry if I got a little annoyed. You wouldn’t believe the amount of times people ask this question.

@Charlie can you help this fella out?

Your identity is part of your proof of purchase so there is a good chance that your account can be recovered.
This is Fastsprings search criteria:

  • Name and email address used during the order process
  • Date of purchase
  • Did you purchase through FastSpring
  • Last five digits of the credit card used to purchase
  • If you used PayPal, the email address associated with your PayPal account

Please provide as much of this information as possible for your best chance of locating your information.


By “so many” I meant the answers I read during my research on this Forum and yes, I do believe that there are so many people with the same problem but if the first answer I read on my first post in a forum begins with a complaint it does make you feel really uncomfortable but I do totally understand the annoyance. :slight_smile:

@Charlie I recovered all of the information you listed so should I post right here in the topic? Thank you for your help

I do believe that you have to email them to, but I could be wrong.

Hey, its great news that you have that information but lets keep it private :slight_smile: You can email it directly to with a note asking for your order fulfilment email to be resent.


Hello Charlie, Jediwolf, chizbejoe and WaveJones

I just got my steamkey for gamedev tycoon! Thank you all so much.

Have a nice day you all!