"Better User Experience"


I can’t research the “Better User Expreience” for my custom game engines, and since gamepad was moved to that in my realistic mind it means “NO CONSOLES OR PORTABLE CONSOLES BECAUSE THEY HAVE A CONTROLLER” which means im stuck to creating damn PC games

Also, its Y4.


Better User Experience was there before they got rid of controller categories. Whenever you develop a game, imagine that it used the appropriate controller.

You unlock BUE by earning levels in Gameplay, IIRC, and by having already researched Engines.


Yes, “Better User Experience” becomes researchable when you hit lvl 2 in Gameplay, and you must also have researched “Custom Engine”


The controller thing was a fault to the realistic before. Racing wheel support on RPG games, really? The current setup is an improvement over that.


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