Best PS One games?

What do you guys think what the best PlayStation game is?

Like any of us played a game on a real PS

unless someone did then I’m surprised

I owned an original when I was a wee lad, and it was awesome. Subsequently, I was pretty disappointed when it finally broke. The only game I had for it was Spider Man, and that was extremely fun.

I remember playing they hell out of the Crash Bandicoot games when my cousin gave their PS1 back in '03 (Or around that time), but I don’t really have a favourite Crash game as I enjoyed them all, so I’ll say the series as a whole.

Metal Gear Solid


This is the correct answer.

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obvs not best game, but favourite is tony hawks pro skater 3

What about Bubsy 3D

parappa the rapper

I have saw people who had that character as their icon or used that as a source for ytp

okay I agree on that one.