Audio not working with USB Headset


I have just changed my default audio device to a USB wireless headset, Afterglow Universal Wireless Gaming Headset, and while Game Dev Tycoon is showing up in my mixer, it is not getting any audio.

Audio and Music are on in the game and Volume is set to max.

All other audio is working with my computer and this headset.


Check your headphone wires, are they connected properly? Are they cut? Is the USB input tail loose or coming off?


USB input is not loose or coming off, there are no wires coming from the headphones to check, and the headphones work for all other audio on my computer.


I think you will have to restart the game if you change your audio device. Also make sure that your USB audio is set as the default audio device, otherwise it won’t be used in the game.


I have tried restarting the game several times. And my default audio device is set to the headset.


Does the sound work without the headphones?


Without the USB headphones, I have to use wired headphones, those did work when that was set to the default audio device.


Hey, Have changed this from Bugs to Questions category.

I use this wireless headset currently, a Corsair Vengeance - and before that i used this wireless headset, a Soundblaster 3D Tactic Wrath

Both work perfectly with Game Dev Tycoon, as with all headsets if you change devices with the browser/game open you may need a restart of the app.

All i can suggest is trying other games and apps and checking if the headset is picking up the audio. Make sure you install the specific drivers that came with the headset or more up to date ones from their website. Also do a machine restart after any changes to drivers.
Also use the built in Sound test function that comes with windows.


This type of problem mainly occurs in USB headset but you can solve this problem. which is really good for us. so. I am using the iPhone and In this, I can access the audio using the headset but it is not working. And I can also activate iPhone without sim which is good for me. so, you can easily solve the problem with the help of best support.