[ASK] evolving platforms' techLevel from time to time


is it possible to evolving platforms’ techLevel from 1 (or higher) to 7 gradually for my mod, just like PC platform that seems evolved from old (techLevel 1) to modern (techLevel 7)?

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The PC is hard coded in that regard so I’m afraid there is no standard feature for this.

You could try to adjust the techLevel yourself on the platform when the current year reaches a certain point but I’m not sure if the game copes with changing tech levels (haven’t tested it).

The other option is to treat your platform as multiple platforms and just set the published and platformRetireDate so that only one version is on the market at the same time but that would generate platform news stories.


I’d trust what he says. If you don’t understand what he is saying I’ll expand. So basically he is saying this. He does not think they’re is a real way to make a platform have different tech levels cause the way platforms is coded in the game it is either impossible to do or just really difficult.

However they’re is a work around as he said. You can make multiple platforms. You are wanting 7 tech levels so do this. Create 7 platforms that are all the same but look upgraded. But the downfall is the new platform news event that will happen with each upgrade. The work around for that is treat each new news event as an if its just telling the player that the platform got an upgrade.


ok… i’m understand… so it’s just impossible or very difficult to do that…

all i can do is make multiple platforms that representing the platforms’ tech levels and upgrading platform would be like take off previous platform from market and release next upgraded platform at the same date (or so) and just like you said, treat each new news event as an if its just telling the player that the platform got an upgrade…

Thanks for your responses :smile:


I know I’m late, but maybe this would be a great thing to add with the new version, I’d love to be able to modify my consoles later in the game.