As I browse Amazon looking to see if they matched any Lunar sale prices I realized that without Steam (and a few others), buying PC games would completely suck

So I’ve got some Amazon credit, and with that I’m naturally looking to see if they’ve got any decent PC game deals. Amazon’s the type of place that merely copies the sale prices of other retailers, while rarely offering an actual sale on their own. Still, with the Lunar sales going on I figured that they’ve got to be matching some Steam prices right? Wrong. free netflix Everything’s full price. Sadly that’s usually how it goes on Amazon. Great for buying console games, but awful for PC games.

Then I got thinking of times where I’ve browsed Target, Best Buy, and Wal-Mart. All of them tech news are terrible options, where you’ll find little to nothing in the way of sale prices.

It dawned on me that if it weren’t for Steam, the landscape for buying PC games would be pretty lousy. Sure there’s GoG, and they’re wonderful, but they’re also limited in size and scope. Window’s Store is alright. Origin and UPlay put together nice deals for their games, but it’s just that - their games. Epic’s said they’re not doing any sort of sale events. Twitch Prime’s Store had nothing on sale ever from the times I browsed it. I’ve never heard of a deal coming out .

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