Apocalypse #1 - Game in development

I wanted to program a game for a long time … Game Dev Tycoon encouraged me a lot. But then I found out that it’s very difficult. And then (a few days ago) I came across software that is terribly easy to use. Her name is Twine. And by chance I came across itch.io on one game jam that was on a theme I love - disaster. So I started programming. Programming (or writing the game) is very easy, but … What about the story?
The game I’m talking about now is called Apocalypse 1 # and is set in Chicago, where the zombie apocalypse began. It’s just a simple text game, but I believe that even a game without graphics can be good. The game I’m working on may have about 20 endings. Well, that was about all I wanted to say. So far, I have only three endings, but fortunately we have to send the game by December 30th. Well, nothing … I hope you’re all safe and … I don’t know what to say anymore, so … Yeah … I guess I’ll stop.

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