Anyone wanna help me to make mods?


Hello Everybody I am going to start making mods with ultimate mod editor and I am looking for anyone who would like to help me. I only know HTML. No Javascript or CSS so anyone who knows any Javascript or CSS help is needed. Please do not reply because I never check this site often. Just email me or text me on skype.

Email -
Skype: randomeguy123

Joined 2 hours ago -_-


By that I meant that I check my email and skype more often then this. I still come on this site like 4 times a week.

Dude, new user. Respect. Now, say sorry.

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meh iz sorry

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lol. It’s ok. xD

If you wnat to learn javascript, css and jquery, you can go to this page

I have been there before… I prefure wathcing video tutorials xD

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I have also html knowledge and just started to learn css and java from EduHelpHub. So in that case, I can help you with only basic materials of the mods project.

hi its thomas. I am a developer and a website designer. I would like to contribute my best to your project. I am sharing one of my best works till now which you can check at . Now CSS has access to a whole range of functionality. The modern custom properties has improved to an impressive limit