Anyone hyped for Star Wars Battlefront?

I guess I am, seeing as this is a Third Person FPS, a nice change from COD and BF. Also the graphics are tremendous, the UI is modern af, and it has an air of penache. My only worry is the ‘multiplayer-only’ and whether you may/may not be able to customize your character (I guess none of the Battlefront games have had that option but still, that was 9 years ago).

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I am! Been a Star Wars fan for a long time! Can’t wait for Star Wars Battlefront!


Third Person First Person Shooter? I thought you meant TPS :wink:

Doesn’t matter, everyone makes mistakes.

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Why damn me? I didn’t do anything wrong. xD

Tim Ledbetter uploaded this image to

I completely agree with you Cazran. I have been a Star Wars fan right from the beginning but the graphics and UI of the battlefront seems awesome. I recently Star Wars: Battlefront Kaufen and the best thing is it allows you to customize your characters but with limitations. As they said, they won’t let you create purple stormtroopers but yes you can customize the characters weapons, speed and species.

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