Anyone heard of

@Today showed me the game
Now I can’t stop playing.

You showed yourself the game. I see.

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I’ve been on the leaderboards at spot #5 before, but I split up 4 times (accidetally) and then I died. :frowning:

Yes, we all did.
(I hope)

My biggest achievement was getting eaten by a smaller guy, because who needs logic anyway.

EDIT: okay, got a reasonable high score of about 700 and a 6th or 7th place in the leaderboards.

who hasn’t heard of it

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I’ve found that game has a lot to do with luck. The deliberately myopic perspective means you can be trapped without even knowing it, and all you can do to save yourself is just split a bunch and hope one piece gets away. I’d say it’s a total crapshoot on whether you join a game you can easily become leader in, or one where it winds up being nearly impossible. It’s fun, but it’s mostly luck.

my classmates
some pics from my last game:

I named myself Hitler and got to number 1
#he will rise again




You can’t say you didn’t expect it.

my life is complete

what a weak server where a guy with 530 score is at the top of leaderboards

I want servers like this too :cry:

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i believe in you, my child

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i know this topic is old, but i lately found something called, it is very fun ((sorta)tanks, upgrades, mmo, tank upgrades, shooting and stuff)

nice necro matey

I recently found something called
it contains long snakes. sucks.,, and are better

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i just found
it contains wings (military planes) that is very hard to master