Any way not to bancrupt with MMOs?


So I’m around year 18, with custom console and 500mil saved up. I made a Large MMO with great topic/genre combo, great topic/audience combo, great console/genre combo and great console/audience combo. I released this MMO on 3 consoles with 9.75 average review scores, marketed it well and all that jazz. I release an expansion pack for this MMO every 40-45 weeks (if I released sooner than 40 weeks I’d get low review scores due to penalty). All my expansion packs get 9.5-10 average review scores, yet I’m still losing money on this MMO. I kept it going for a few years, and now I have only 300mil left from the initial 500mil I had before making the MMO. I keep bleeding money despite my best efforts to make near perfect expansion packs at the correct time. I don’t even have time to release other Large games inbetween expansion packs, as it makes me lose even more money from the MMO. After releasing an expansion pack, MMO is usually stayng profitable for only 4-8 weeks, after that it starts going negative again.

So, since doing expansion packs only (without other non-MMO games) doesn’t seem to make the MMO profitable, I’m gonna try always alternating between releasing expansion pack and a normal game. This will make my MMO bleed even more money, but at least I’ll have a source of income from the normal game, which will hopefully keep me afloat.

What I really don’t understand, is how some people manage to juggle 2 MMOs at the same time and not go bancrupt? I looked up some old high score threads on this forums and I found people getting 200-500mil final score by having 2 MMOs up at the same time. I tried that and very quickly went bancrupt, despite releasing near-perfect expansion packs as quickly as possible. They were only releasing Large games, since AAA games take too long to make and wouldn’t work for MMOs which need frequent expansion packs. So I’m sticking with Large games as well.

Is it because those old high scores were played on an older build of the game, and now it’s no longer possible to do it? Or is there something I’m missing in my gameplay? I honestly can’t think of anything else I could improve, I just keep bleeding money year after year from MMOs despite almost flawless reviews and frequent expansion packs.

Edit: just released a 10.25 expansion pack to the MMO, and yep, it only stayed profitable for 9 weeks before going in the red again. Did the developers even test this? They probably only cared to make it “difficult” with MMOs, but didn’t care enough to check if it had any potential of being profitable, ever.

I also took a look how many fans I’m getting through this MMO. After 6 very successful expansion packs, this MMO has got me 650k fans over about 5 years. Meanwhile, a single non-MMO Large game with the same review scores (9.5+) gives me 150k-200k fans with each game.

So, in conclusion:

  1. By sticking with the MMO, I lost 250mil over 5 years. If I made normal games instead, I could have made 120-160mil profit off each single game, for a total of about 750-900mil profit. I could have had over 1.3bil if I did normal games, but I only have 300mil now and still losing money every year.
  2. By sticking with the MMO, I gained only 650k fans, while if I did normal games, I would have gained about 1mil fans.

MMOs are pointless to my best understanding… even with near-perfect gameplay, it still bleeds money AND doesn’t give as many fans as releasing normal games.

Exactly how long would I need to sustain the MMO for it to bring me more fans per year than releasing normal games? If ever?