Any good multiplayer FPS games?

I’m bored waiting for Overwatch, so could anyone tell me a GOOD multiplayer fps?

CS GO bruh


Strife :slight_smile:

planetside 2
Battlefield 4
Call of Duty: Ghosts
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Counterstrike source
counterstrike Global offensive
Arma 2
Arma 3






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If not CS GO then maybe CS 1.6?

Or Blackshot?

goldeneye for n64 is a pretty good multiplayer fps.

I will recommend Battlefield 4. Someone compares cod with bf, but they’re very different. Cod is great for people who likes shooting and small maps. Bf is great for people who likes tanks, aircraft ships and huge maps. Battlefield 4 is expensive if you buy expansion pack(s) or Premium. You know… Electronic Arts. But the game is still my favorite.

If you want bf4, i will recommend you buying the game on pc. Personally i think it’s oksebæsj (bullsh*it in norwegian) to play fps with a controller. You use a joystick to steer a person! There is no way a joystick can be easier than a mouse. This is just my recommendation. It’s your choice.

I don’t know why you do that with “bullshit”, I’ve never heard anyone say “oksebæsj” instead :stuck_out_tongue: Is it just to mark that you’re norwegian?

I personally enjoy Team Fortress 2, especially sense it’s free-to-play!

call of duty



What about the tickets? Buy tickets to play an exclusive game mode! TF2 is p2w (pay to win) in my eyes.

Ik that no one says in in norwegian. It’s just for fun. I like the direct translation :stuck_out_tongue:. Oksebæsj sounds more wrong in norwegian than bullshit in english.

It doesn’t sound wrong, it sounds like someone just smashed in your throat and you’re barely able to speak.

The game (to me) is fun, regardless. I rarely ever have problems with players being over-powered. And for all we know, those people could have gotten to where they were fair-and-square.

I love how the game forces you to work as a team–it often forces you to be a team player. The game is beautifully balanced, the design of the game is phenomenal, and the mechanics are original and very slick for a game so fast-paced. You will also have to most likely change your class multiple times to win a game, where as other FPS’s I know (e.g. Call Of Duty and Battlefield) don’t seem to have this. Your strategy will have to change as new players join and your opponent tries different tactics.

The game was released in 2007 and still features consistent updates. One very recent update introduced a brand new gamemode and mechanics.

The point of this rant was to show that the pros far out way any cons found in the game, to a point where (at least for me) the cons becomes unnoticed.

Sincerely yours, Chizbe

Old thread, new reply. Check out Warhammer End Times - Vermintide… It just came out last weekend and is a very good hack and slash medieval FPS game. If you want to see what it is all about check out this video… - Warhammer End Times - Vermintide!! join us.

call of duty. Kappa

CSGO, Destiny, Any COD Game, Warframe, GTAV, BF, Payday (1 & 2).

Oh Wait.

This is a necro.

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