[Android] Getting pirated after buying the game


Hi everyone,

I know it should not have been done but since I generally try out apps by pirating them first before buying, this is what I did with this game.

Now after deleting the cracked version, I bought and downloaded the app from the Play Store. After enjoying the game some more I got to around the point that the PlaySystem 2 and mBox are out and people start pirating my games and it’s the notification that people who pirated the game get and I’m sure Pirate Mode is off and I actually bought it and it’s the legit version.

I imagine it’s because there’s some leftover data from the cracked version that’s causing this but I can’t find any such data on my phone anywhere. Can anyone help me solve this?


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That’s strange, to my knowledge the phone version doesn’t have anything that could indicate this game behavior, @rangermann maybe you know why this is?


Could you get in touch via support+gdtm@greenheartgames.com so we can take a look at it? Thanks!


Where are times when you can play demos of games :nerd_face:

Game Dev Tycoon for iOS rel