An Unfinished Project - Take a Look!


A while back I worked on a mod that added an internet feature into Game Dev Tycoon. Basically, it allowed players to interact with fans and critics (just A.I.) across an in-game internet.

The person who was coding the A.I. and other stuff left, so I was unable to finish the project; however, I just thought I might as well share with you what could’ve been because I might as well not let it go to waste.

The Internet (U.I.) - An Unfinished Game Dev Tycoon Mod

I basically just use this link for testing, so don’t rely on it.

Please excuse any bad coding in the Java/jQuery side of things. I knew almost nothing about the languages going into the mod, and I had to teach myself as I went along.



The State of GDT Modding?
Development Questions -

I can help with ideas, and i really want to see how this mod goes. Hope you can find coders soon.
edit: Also, the internet option can be in the right click menu so its easy to access. or maybe in the marketing right click menu.


Sounds good


IF this project is finished or still going I would loved to use it


Trust me, It’s still going:

Cannot wait to release this mod, but even though I am well over 1000 lines of code, there is still a good deal I would like to sort out before I even think about releasing a beta.


The Internet + TAG MOD =

No seriously, That what Game #2 should be like though.
Also if the TAG mod does gets released, i do think this mod needs to be supported.
Anyhow, Gr8 mod Mate! :smile:

                                                                        Best of Luck,


WOW! It’s amazing.


Thanksgiving paused development for a bit, but I am back at it again. :ok_hand:


Is this gonna take a while or very loong?


At least a month or two before I get the first build out. Winter is the busiest time of the year for me, so it’s hard to get in those hours. I try to get in around 5 - 10 hours of coding a week, but it’s always hard to find the time.


Nice Easter Egg you’ve hidden for me.
Based on the Slider Display.


If I’m being completely honest, I accidentally left that there :smirk:


its seems that you enjoy giving people the “spoilers” :wink:


I just realised I already commented on this. How is it going?


Well, I am currently working on TAG Mod. I am actually quite close to a release on this one. I just need to buckle down and get it done.


I’m so exited of this mod!!!