Almost about to reach Anniversary

this is what happens when you join early af

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i joined
in 2013
so ha
and I’m not even the earliest

****!!! My anniversary was in November :cry:
Why cannot the transaction? Why cannot the transaction? I broke the mod, I broke the mod, I broke the mod :cry:

Happy 1st anniversary! My gift to you is the gift of nothing.

LineLiar in a nutshell

Here… now this field isn’t field isn’t anymore. :wink:

isn’t what?

That’s the joke, ‘This field isn’t field isn’t anymore ;)’. It means that LineLiar has bad grammar (Not in rl though)

no it’s not

Do you seriously think that I type ‘This field isn’t field isn’t anymore’? I have bad grammar but my grammar is not THAT bad m8 :imp:

what do you mean?

Screw it, let’s get back on-topic

I joined 2 days after LineLiar.