All Games Glitch

I was playing Game Dev Tycoon, released some test game, I was searching for eastereggs, and then…

Just how…

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?? did you put the red lines there or is that the egg?

Lol :stuck_out_tongue:
No, I mean that All Games’s stereotype is that, that they always rated the lowest.
This was just…
9 - All Games

And now they have rated my game the highest.


Probably because the image is edited? :wink:


totallyz fakez hax pic

I’ve played GDT and made a company called “Biebers” and a game name under one of Biebers music names and this happened:

(No Photoshoping (If that’s even a word) were used) :stuck_out_tongue: :small_red_triangle:

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srsly lmao

The only edit I have made is the red rectangle.
You would see that the number is pasted if it would.

And PS.
@Stian it wasn’t Game #1 :wink:

lol I was just comparing a normal review and a normal review. (Too see how waaay different yours is lol)

Because I have cut out the rest of the game window…?

jayzuz, all you need to know is that I know you didnt edit it

okay den
then wats teh discussion about…
I’m lost.

Illuminerty alert :Illuminati:

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I’ve saw dat, but it’s red and with a shadow, so I think the alert should be on a low level.

Continue a little