Add some functions in the custom console; develop ported version; develop game BGM

I hope that your development team can also add some features while updating the Android version, such as custom consoles. I hope that 2D and 3D image quality can be compatible at the same time, and that the shell can also be diverse, and can also be imitation brand games. Machine manufacturer’s shell, but this must be authorized, and you must submit a fee. There are also media. I hope that the two functions of loading games using media and downloading games using hard disks can be achieved, and system source code can be developed, used on custom platforms, and peripheral hardware. , Headphones, etc. waiting for these peripheral products. Of course, the system source code is made. I hope players can choose UI design.Of course, I hope that the development team can also add platforms such as PSV, Androidphone, and Androidpad. Players can develop games on these platforms, but the name I hope the development team can name you, and the appearance and reality of Playsystem5 in the game. The appearance is slightly inconsistent, please rectify the development team.I hope that the development team can also produce a pick-up platform.I also hope that the development team can release the arcade platform, and also support the arcade in the development of customized platform. It’s better to choose a type of host when developing, such as arcade, home game machine, and handheld. The arcade platform can imitate neogeomvs, Naomi and atomiswave.