Add handheld and some platforms and other features that are not in the game

I’m very satisfied with your game, but there are some shortcomings here, such as making handhelds: The hardware laboratory only supports making home consoles, but not handhelds. Doing so may be a little detrimental to custom platforms.Also, if you are full of development on Android, you can add some themes and some platforms, such as Sega Saturn, your development team can name it Vena Saturn, this platform has appeared in your iOS version, I do n’t know on the Android platform How can it be? And Game Boy Advance, you can name itGame ling Advance, of course, I hope that some countermeasures can be added to pirated games when they are sold. For example, in the production of custom hosts, the addition of genuine verification program functions and home-made media, which can greatly combat piracy. You can also add encryption to the game, which can be very meaningful. At the same time, game encryption can also make custom code

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