Achievements :) :) :)


Hey, so, there are quite a few achievements in the game currently, however, there’s always room for more.

My ideas:

  • Played for 10 years
  • Played for 25 years
  • Played for 50 years
  • Played for 100 years

This means, if you reach in game Y10, you get the first achievement, when u get to Y25, u get the second one etc.

This could be done by mods however I don’t like mods adding achievements.


Actually, that’s not a bad idea to incentivize the player to continue playing.
But further down the conversation an answer is just “but really, is that useful in the end”.
Greenheart Games already worked on a bunch of updates which improved the game but is this really needed, I mean nobody would mind it. But in the end achivements are for significant achivements, like getting a 11/10 in GDT. Nobody is going to put, hey I played this game for 10 years on their steam profile. Maybe 100 years, I could get that.
Good suggestion although!