Achievement: Turn it up to 11

Turn it up to 11

Someone got this hidden achievement ?
Any ideas or tips?
is one of the last i need :wink:

I got it with a team specialized in Dialogue, World & Level Design, Graphics, Story & Gameplay all trained with 950+ of both stats, an engine with every upgrade and graphics v7 and most of the features for the above areas. The game was an RPG btw.

Pretty much the thing that matters is that you need to know where to focus on. Practically this means you should probably do it with a game that you’ve done before many times(sequel), so you know the exact slider amounts to use(so you see the +++ signs and such). Then just put as much stuff in the game as you can, without overworking any crewmember. Obviously, the specializations help, but aren’t really needed. I’ve done it with a MMORPG expansion and a Sequel to a Zombie Action game. Years 29 and 25 respectively, so I didn’t have that many of the bonus stuff you can add into the game(I believe both were just Large, not AAA), and I’m fairly sure I had two specialized crewmembers at most for the zombie game. And the dev stats were fairly normal(perhaps two guys with 700, a few with 500 in both, the rest something like 300 only). So it seems to me the balance of the sliders is the thing that matters.(and of course, if the review system is the same as earlier, you shouldn’t make a game of the same genre without making 2 or 3 other genre games in between, and you probably won’t get several high ratings in a row, etc). And your genre and audience focus have to be great for both the game and the console. For instance, my zombie game was Mature and aimed for PS4.

this was quite easy :slight_smile:
i got it on Y28, for racing simulation game, fast paced game AND got 11 from All Games :smiley:

Its too easy,i got it on my game: Spacec:Heros of the space

bruh its been 2 years

dont nekro pls

What is nekro?