Achievement Complaint

So, overall great game. Let me start by saying it is great fun for the most part and enjoyable when I just want to relax with a game.

That being said, I am somewhat an achievement hunter/perfectionist with my games. One thing about this game that troubles me and is extremely irritating is the arbitrary system in which the “critics” score the games. You can do literally EVERYTHING right. Have a perfect match in every possible area and even have it match the trend, but for some odd reason it doesn’t guarantee that you can get either the perfect 10 star achievement or even the 11/10 rating achievement. Why create achievements based on pure luck? There is some skill involved, but then when it boils down to it the final deciding factor is the luck of the RNG which is absolutely infuriating and just doesn’t seem like a good design from my point of view. I want to be a video game designer myself, and I hate this idea of an achievement that is something that you just have to be lucky enough to get without any way to truly guarantee getting it. No amount of skill, or research, or perfect combinations and timing is going to guarantee this unless you can somehow predict the RNG as well. Why create such a system?