About the new game mode

I think it would be nice if this game could develop a new game mode. That is from Sony Nintendo Sega, Microsoft, Play as a game maker and compete with your competitors. Of course, you can also develop your own game console. But there are some console styles that you have to develop. For example, Sony’s. PlayStation2,Microsoft’s. Xbox,Nintendo. NGC,Sega’Dreamcast,Wait for a variety of game consoles. Of course, the emergence of these companies must be required to be large companies. But there are some game features that can’t be changed. For example, developing games, looking for publishers, looking for contracting work, etc., these can’t. There is a change, otherwise it makes no sense to do so. I think this model is called the vendor model. Because of this pattern! Very consistent with these game console manufacturers. Meaning And a press conference. I wonder if the development team can do better?