About the game grading system and game design

I have an idea for this game. Of course there’s more than one. First of all, this game lacks a grading system, especially the Japanese version of the US version of the European version of the game grading system. If you don’t have this, then for some players in other places, you don’t know which level is suitable for purchase. The development team can follow suit. CERO,ESRB,PEGIThese game grading systems because of the emergence of these grading systems. But it affects the score of the whole game. And the design of the game cover. I think this point is very important. If there is no game cover design, then the game you developed is meaningless at all. And design this game cover. You can select a picture from the album to do. Of course, you can also choose not to. But I think it makes sense to choose a picture from the album as the cover of the game. Because the player knows that the appearance of the game cover can have a great impact on the release of the game, he can know what game this is.