A Word to the Community

Hello guys,

I thought I would do something special for my 1000th post on this forum. I wanted to not let this milestone just get past my eyes without doing something with it, and what can I do apart from thanking everybody here? Also, I think I’m actually the 3rd person to get this milestone and the other 2 are Charlie and Patrick. That’s even more special!

Of course I want to thank @PatrickKlug and @DanielKlug first, for making this awesome game! I literally spent 50 hours in it as of yet, whereof 28 hours are on Steam. You guys are the first people that made me literally addicted to a game, and yes, this doesn’t happen much. Thanks for this great game and I’m looking forward to whatever you guys are going to do next! You have me on your side.

I want to thank @Charlie and @EvoGamer for always being nice and keeping the forum clean. Without you guys the forum would probably be a big mess with all fights and useless topics. Also thanks Charlie, for all the hugs you aways give to the people. Thanks Evo for always being strict and not being the guy that randomly band people, which wouldn’t be good. Hugs to you both.

I also want to thank this awesome community where @apljee, @WaveJones, @DzjengisKhan, @alphabit, @JayCheetah, @Haxor and so much more people are part of to always make my day. You guys make me laugh every day and always make my day. When I personally have bad times wherever, internet or real life, I will always go to the GHG Forum first to see how stupid, funny and whatever some of you guys have been. It will always make my day.

Thanks to the modding community: @alphabit, @DzjengisKhan, @SirEverard, @kristof1104 and so much more for making this game even more awesome. Without you guys I would’ve probably already been sick of this game, but you guys made a reason for almost everyone to never be sick of it. You will always add amazing stuff that I would’ve never been able to do. You guy rock!

Then, last but not least my best buddies and friends on this forum, @DzjengisKhan, @WaveJones, @alphabit, @Haxor and there are a lot more! You guys always support me where I can and I truly wouldn’t have been here this long without you. Keep rocking and we will always be friends! :slight_smile:

I think that was everyone, but correct me if I’m wrong. Know I will never leave this amazing community, and I will always love you in whatever weird way possible! You all changed my life, and you always will. See you, guys! :wink:


A gift from my cat:

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Is it just me or I’m just jealous

Thank you @LineLiar

You have been a big part in our community too.


Yo Jelly

Thanks for the kind words, @LineLiar :blush:


keep calm and congratulations that have no sense go lineliar yes good wtf im in 2 categories like a boss