A tiny messenger app for Android

:mega: my :speech_balloon: got :four: clicks, :six: more and :new: update? :mega:
I made an android app
and its awsum(jk)
I call it todette
0.1: http://www.mediafire.com/download/lvolctjbm8rrscv/_Todette.apk
I plan to release a better icon with 0.2
I used the telegram sdk
so yeah
@Stian would love it because its open source


The name sounds like a horrifying sequel to The Conjuring (don’t ask me why)

what now

and that is?

Dont make make this a second facebook, dont ask why, or WHY WHY WHY, okay ?
Nah, jk, great app tho :smile:

this is an im service, not a social media, so…?

also @Today The Conjuring is a dumb horror movie. Also, good job! Can I add you on it?

YES You can add me to it(my keyboard is freaking out again) my number is 0618150270 and if you call me the serbian tax will strike you lol

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rip me

im a ghost typin by the way

we the Serbian income tax is 17%, but people here are poor and there are a lot of other stuff to pay
and than
the Serbian carrier tax
that is the devil itself

I thinks your tiny messenger tiny app for android is very goods . But you have some improvement in app.