A new idea that has poorly been exploited

Hello, everyone. I might seem new here, but I’m not. I am a fan of GreenHeart Games since Game Dev was released. I still play it somedays and I cannot wait for a sequel, but today I tried something new (that didn’t work out). I am a huge fan of tycoon-management games and I was looking on some TV management games like MUD Tv or Empire Tv Tycoon. I played both, pretty good games, but when I think about it, neither of them reached the gameplay/ real responsibility of a real TV Management Network. So I tried to create something in Unity, which figures, it’s really hard and time killing. I just gave up, but I remembered about Plug brothers who brought us Game Dev. I think you know what I will say know. The idea of the whole topic is to ask or suggest the studio to try and make a TV tycoon management like a real one should be. I mean, you really kicked it with Game Dev, so I think a TV tycoon game would be another hit as there are WAYYYY too few tycoon games based on television. The general idea for the game would be:

Start as a small group of friends that start filming and post projects online (or if we follow the same formula of going through eras. make short films and show them around until they and the films become popular). When they gain fans and popularity and enough topics and money, start looking for companies that are airing TV shows, Animations, Films, even advertisments. So, being a group of people that can constantly expand that creates shows and pitches them to networks until you have enough money and power to become a small network that creates and receives shows.

Features: *** I am seeing this as a 3D game (like Tavern Keeper), probably with a bigger space to move and interact.

  • A handful amount of topics
  • Animation (3D, 2D), (film or animation)
  • Low Budget and High Budget Films
  • Low Budget and High Budget Tv Shows
  • Advertisments
  • Different gadgets/places, key people (sound, cameraman, actors, voice, make up…) to create content
  • Different networks
  • The power to decide how many episodes, seasons and time run for each production.
  • Delay productions, shelve them.
  • A fanbase system, where you can post news about shows, announce them, cancel them (which would affect you with petitions, boycotts, fan base dropping, low morale and such), talk with fans, receive questions and fans letters.
  • Having a bad-good/ choice based system for the shows, networks, pitching, fans, etc.
  • Hiring a diverse type of workers for both film project and network.
  • Make more content at the same time (work on more than 1 or 2 different things at the same time)
  • Ability to fight for a show’s cancellation or let it die.
  • Befriend a network’s president
  • Associate with another production company to make a production.

ETC ETC. I just hope for something like this to be made at a point by someone, but I don’t see why GhG shouldn’t start working on it now. Anyway, can’t wait for the Tavern!

Good idea, bad timing. (tavern)
also game ideas on forums rarely make it into a real game.
Take some unity lessons/video tutorials. That might help you make it yourself because I have seen people making their own games on this forum.
Maybe find a team who wants to help you create it? (I think there will be people who will enjoy making this and its also a nice game idea)
I know making games is hard (I tried it some times) but a video game isn’t made in a week or a month.
You have good ideas so I hope this will become a good game :slight_smile:


While I know that this probably won’t make it as a game idea, I too want a game like this:grinning:! Because I love movies, TV & what goes into making them. Some more ideas are:

*Podcasts and interviews
*The Oscars Rip-off
Only two ideas, but those are just thoughts.

I am trying to learn the basics of game development right now (To start as a hobby) but I hate watching video tutorials, which I am still doing anyways. Right now, I am practicing in a free program on Steam, which is called “Construct 2”, where you can make 2D games pretty easily. I have also downloaded the FREE Unity game engine, but it is too complicated for me at this time. Maybe you should start small and build small, arcade-like games to help you practice the basics, then when you think you have enough skill to start the process of making the game, then do so. Don’t give up! Otherwise you may not see a game like this ever! If I do decide to make little games more often and believe I have a decent skill, I would be more than happy to help you with development.
Kind Regards

Also look at " Empire TV Tycoon" on Steam