A New Game Idea! (And it's not about GDT!)

So… I hope your Greenheart Games or as one of the staff of this Genius indie Game Development Company. I had an idea. It’s not entirely original but… Please listen. There is a game named “Pro Game Manager” A game where you’re a Gamer or Manager and fight in the Esports Scene.
As seen like “Game Dev Story” You got inspiration from that (Of what i know) To make one of my favourite games “Game Dev Tycoon”
And that’s why i know you could pull of a better game than “Pro Game Manager”
It has a lot of bugs and it’s just too Repeating. It makes it go really boring. It’s a great game nonetheless but i know you guys will pull of one of the greatest games seen with that.

It’s only about 3 dollars on steam so go support the makers of the game too!!
Of course you guys have a great writer ;D (A unphotogenic one xD)
And great designers and i just hope that you guys could pull this off. Of course i know that you guys are working on a new game and probably irritated with all the “Game Ideas” About Game Dev Tycoon. I would be tired of it if i get thousands of messages with “I have a idea! A sequel to GTD!!”
Not that i say it in a negative way but i would become tired of it. But at the least just try the game. It has a lot of potential and with your help we can make a new game that’s better and more polished.

Before you guys Decline please check the game out. See if it has any potential and see it’s details about it. I have a lot of changes to the game that can be made different but still have the same style…
If you guys think the same as me “This is a pretty good idea!” Message me on my Email "Csindesen03@gmail.com" And i can come with my ideas. I hope you consider this!!"

Best Wishes MrMisseKat / Christian

did you just write its not about Game Tycoon Dev

He could be in another country with another language, Such as french, and in french they say Game Tycoon Dev.

So when he uses google translate if he says GTD, it does not switch it to GDT.

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Sorry xD Google translate is rubbish sometimes xD

Ha! xDDD My bad!! Thanks for having sharp eyes and spotting it :smiley:

Oh no problem :slight_smile: