A few research ideas

most are my own ideas but some are ideas of others that I agree with.

1 Save Game V2 could include Autto save and Quick save. (Those options didn’t come out tell about, 6 years ago?)

2 FPS games. (they may be included under Action which I haven’t done much of.) [under genere]

3 Gun and motion sensitive controller. (Gun = Duck Hunt, motion sensitive controller = Wii)

4 port games to other systems. (I’ve had games rate 8-10 do baddly because it was on the wrong system if I could port them to the PC it would be helpful. Games do come out for more than one system but that might be larger companies)

5 Beter UI or UI enhancement. this could have different versions. (I don’t remember what UI stands for but it’s the layout of game menues of things like action bars and what not)

6 Cross system servers.(I’m not sure how common it is now but a few games lets PC players, xbox 360, and PS3 players play online on the same server)

7 Player hosted games. (AKA ln games like orgional diablo or player server games like Minecraft)

great ideas but please, put them here :

To have a chance to be read. Because here you have less chance that the dev will pay attention to it :slight_smile: