A couple of ideas regarding console development

I think it’d be cool to be able to make your team develop launch titles while you are making a console - and the quality and quantity of said launch titles influence the console’s success.
Another cool thing would be being able to influence the marketing of your console, like choosing a demographic it will be marketed towards such as children, teens, young adults, adults, families and so on.
And having the option to create add-ons and other peripherals for your system, like Sega did with the Sega CD and 32x, or Nintendo with the Gameboy Player.
And in terms of consoles that already are in the game, I think it would be nice to include some obscure consoles - TurboGrafx-16, Atari Jaguar etc. They weren’t really successful but they are pieces of gaming history.


I don’t always like using mods for everything, but if if you’d like to see the more obscure gaming consoles, I recommend using a mod, of which there are many that add either the ones that are known by many or even every console ever made.

Great ideas, thanks from me as well.

Thanks a lot for sharing all these ideas with us.