3rd Studio bug. Please help


Theres a graphic bug in the 3rd Studio. I can see nothing, i wanted to upload an image but new users cannot upload!


could you use a service such as gyazo to post a screen shot?


Have you tried pressing the middle mouse button at various places on the screen? If a scroll-thing appears, try to scroll towards your office.



Have you checked out the troubleshooting section of the pinned F.A.Q. here;

To allow us to help you further please let us know;

Which OS you are using?
Example; Mac 10.7.5 // Win 7 Sp1

Which version of Game Dev Tycoon you are running?
Example; 1.3.9.

Which edition are you using?
Steam, Windows Store or Standard?

Have you ever used any mods or save game editors at any time?
If so, which ones?