3D model search engine

Hello all, we launched a 3D model search engine, which finds 3D models on the Internet with simple keyword search. The models can be previewed right on your browser without any plugins! (Chrome and Firefox recommended).

Here’s the link: http://www.yobi3d.com

Also check out our interview on The Verge


Ahem… Did you make this account. JUST to advertise?

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i think he just want to share i to the different game makers here on the forum they seem all to be free

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nice one! (and I see your site has plenty of heart ;))


Even if this is just an advertisement, the site is amazing, thought I don’t even use 3D models :stuck_out_tongue:


This is amazing! :smiley: SOO useful for my game. Thanks a lot.


This is worth sharing. (or your word that I don’t like saying)

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That is awesome :smile: Thank you for the share.


Thanks for the replies! Please do let us know if there’s anything we should do to improve the site.

Not much work needed for a mobile version, so that would be nice :slight_smile:


We’ve added textures to the 3D models, please come back a take a look! http://www.yobi3d.com

Those with textures are much higher quality, surely gonna ste… borrow and use in games and animations (if maker agrees of course)

That is great, thank you!

Can you add a single “download” button? And, search for different model extensions?

There’s a “filter” button next to the search button on the search result page. You can select different file extensions. Unfortunately, we will not be providing download link to the model. Please refer to the original website. The link is provided at the bottom of the page on the preview screen.

STLFinder is a search engine for 3d models with up to 25 repositories and advanced options by filters.

It has more than 2 million 3d models indexed.

Its worth tro try it!!


kinda like a free alternative for Turbosquid isn’t it. In this case if anybody know a repository with good quality 3d scans? I found one on scanners developer site, exact quality I need, but the number of models is… disappointing.