[1.6.0 beta] Bugs Found


I noticed that sometimes at Launch the start screen gives me an error. The mods im using is UltimateLib, Staff Gain EXP after Game is made, Percent Mod for Development Stages, GameDev API and Finance Mod 2.0. But this error screen only occurs on some occasions. Also I’ve finished my 42 Years in Pirate Mode but my Steam didn’t receive that new Achievement for that. And the final bugs I’ve spotted is that the Graphics and DRM selection when creating a new game around for Copy Protection V3 and 3D Graphics V3 onwards are split into seperate sections.

Also I had a 11/10 reviewed when I finished creating a game, but I didn’t get a achievement for that either, but that was 3-4 years ago.



Well, this is not a bug in the game, but with one of the mods you are using.


Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve fixed this bug and the fix will be included in the next beta update. It’s a bit delayed since I am going to just implement all remaining features rather than incrementally patching the game so expect it to go live around the time of the Android release.


Thanks and I’m glad the Switch is now included, shame that the Atari 2600, ST or even the Amiga wasn’t included as they were popular around the 1980s and early 90s.


Maybe you could send me graphics and I can add them in a mod


Hi, I have found a very unpleasent mistake.

The fault occurs after the engine is upgraded 7-8. Development is at zero. The game will then be unplayable and start new. Sometimes it helps if you have gone before but it’s 50-50% to succeed.
There is no mod in it.