[WIP] Lifetime Govodore MOD 1.4.5+ GOVODORE RETURNS!

This mods sounds cool

it’s suggestions, not suggestments
if you want I can fix your page, just private message me and I’ll write one that looks like this but with better english

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Sorry, i will write you.

Sounds like a cool idea! I had planned (and am writing) dialogue/news events for a mod about Commodore, trying to use as much real world info as I can as a basis, buy haven’t made much headway really, Good luck on the mod!

Thanks! and the mod is 0.7 beta now. added 1 platform and fixed many bugs…

If you want to speak and talk about suggestions add me on skype : muratcan9999

Mod is completed! Developed in 2 days and waiting for fixing bugs and translate! (Language Mistakes)

Any suggestions?

how 'bout some downloads. :smile:

Hey @Visual917
Do you have an ETA on a playable build and download link?

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I need suggestions and retro gamers for REAL history and cronologia.

Nice idea.

For real history about Commodore and Amiga chronology you can read these website :smile:



About the suggestion

  • I like to be able to by Commodore after bankrupt and continu the Commodore or Amiga platform with the hardware company lab (custom processor, custom chipset, etc…)
  • I think to make it possible, the processor or chipset (AAA/Hombre etc…) might be research with the research lab.

Maybe it’s a too hard to make.

But, i like to have an option to save Commodore and specialy Amiga from brankrupt and make it stand until today. I know it’s not real history, but you can make it on optionnal feature to your mod.

Thanx for reading.

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Thanks for reply @babsimov . :smiley: i am re-creating the mod thanks for your support.

Happy to help a Commodore mod.

By the way, i send message you on skype at muratcan9999 to speak about the mod or suggestion. Have you see it ?

Heya @Visual917

When you have a download link please feel free to list you rmod on this page using the template provided

I didn’t see it. PM me your skype address please.

Sorry, i don’t find how pm you on this forum. Can you tell me how ?

i will send you a pm and you will reply me ok?

I have replied to your PM :slight_smile:


n/p at all, I will do tht, sorry about the slow reply, I am off and on around here…