[WIP] [0.0.4 ALPHA] UltraEngineResearch (U.E.R) [FINAL ALPHA] [HALT]


Error Uncaught error. Please report this to support@greenheartgames.com: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘experience’ of null (file:///C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/Game%20Dev%20Tycoon/compressed/codeNw.js:1661) Please restart the game.Enabled Mods: [“gdt-modAPI”,“UltimateLib”,"ULTRAENGINERESEARCH

still broken

I can’t understand JavaScript language. Try restarting ur game or re-download the mod :wink:

VERSION 0.0.3a is out!

###Added 4 more researches!
##Download now! ##

Download [here!][1]

And by the way. @Charlie. Can you put this mod to the Official Modding List?? :smile:
[1]: http://www.mediafire.com/download/7xm1dwsjcmuqqk2/UltraEngineResearch.zip

Gosh my mod is ignored! Do something!

You can make your mod more desirable by adding more content. There are currently quite a few mods which add very little. To stand out from the crowd try adding something special :smile:

Thanks @Charlie! In the near future. I might add MOAR Researches! :smile: And i might get a chance to get more downloads! :smile: Thanks for the tip!

Vote here! For the next update! :smile:

I need mod testers!
NOTE: The upcoming version (0.0.4) will be the last version of Alpha.

Hey guys!

Sorry im not active for a month. Just kickin’ the new games i played.

Good news is we got
#25 Downloads! :smile:

The development of 0.0.4 is delayed so maybe soon it will release. Sorry!

I’m here for testing!

I’m happy to be your mod tester I have the whole summer free and I play gdt very often.


Due to Windows XP support is DEAD. I accidentally deleted the file and uninstall the program due to XP is getting weaker said the web news. so i use my Alt laptop that is running windows 8.1 and this mod might be down for a while till i restored the 0.0.4 and i need your help! Mod testers are supposed to download the file and play the WHOLE 35 gameplay year of GDT. and list down what features are in my mod so i can restored my mod. Good Luck!

P.S and guys 1 more thing… I dont play GDT anymore. :frowning: so i just make mods for all of GDT fans and mod testers. So i use GDT for mod testing program to test if my mod is working. So im still a GDT fan and i love it way back then… So God bless all of you!

You can continue making the mod by merging it into another mod, if you’re going to add more researches.


I found my UME mod file… I just found my old laptop running XP… Kinda using it for now on. :slight_smile:



Hey guys… I delayed the release of Beta. It will release on February or January. Due to that im making an another mod that takes a while. Im kinda used to the bug in UME. Its not the picture bug. Its a weird bug of the main.js code line 18 and im using the latest version of UME supporting XP and NET 4.0

Can somebody fix this???

P.S: The bug is occuring the main.js line 18. Object # getrelatedpath My new console mod.


Hey guys

I just want to say that…


You 2 are now my mod testers!!! Congrats!

Hey guys. You might know this topic is so old and not active that because im retiring this mod. Sorry guys. :frowning:
P.S u might know my english in this topic is very immature since today is my bday now and im 13 now. Heh.