What software made Game Dev Tycoon?

Hey guys! In all the time spent searching the internet about game creation, I wanted to know what programs did Patrick and Daniel use to make Game Dev Tycoon? I would love to know what they did to make a successful game.

(I’m looking for an answer, Charlie! :wink:)

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I don’t think they used any engine.
My guess would be they just coded it, might be they used Unity, not entirely sure about that, but I don’t think so.

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it’s written in HTML5/Javascript…nothing fancy…compiled into a node.js binary,
just think of it as a portable chrome/safari(webkit) app.

We wrote the game using Visual Studio 2012 Express (completely free to use) on Windows 8.

The game is written in HTML/JS (even though it might not be obvious ;)).
We did not use a ready-made engine as such. The game was developed from scratch but there are a bunch of third party libraries in use: www.greenheartgames.com/credits/game-dev-tycoon/


And I would love to know Patrick, what degree or something do you have in programming, or whatevers? Im curious.