What is the last version of 3D Graphics?


Can anyone tell me the the last version of 3D and 2D (And 4D if it exitsts :P)


It’s V7 for 3D and V4 for 2D


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And 2D’s last version is actually V5.




So which one is better 2D V5 ou 3D V7 ?


3Dv7 is much better and for AAA games you will need 3D.
Personally i never use 2D after v2.


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I´m selling now my 3D V7 AAA GAME (SCI-FI/RPG MMO)


After you released your first AAA title.
Can you…

  1. Release smaller games without getting a bad rating?
  2. use the 2D Engine in e.g. adventures because you think it is more suitable than a 3D graphics?

I am not sure about that. Tried testing several hours but still not sure if the 2D v5 is too old for new games after e.g. 40 years.


Making smaller games after making AAA is kind of tricky, because AAA games take longer to make, thus will generate a lot more Tech and Design bubbles.
That way your smaller games will most likely be less succesful unless you add enough features and/or train your staff a few times.

As i said, i never use 2D, but i would guess that 2D is outdated for AAA games in year 40.


So every game I develop must have more points than the game before to get a better rating?

I just don’t understand one thing completely (I know that there is a topic but just answer quick, please). If I don’t have enough time for adding all features I normally remove some to not get below 100%. Is this a big problem to insert features which cannot be implemented completely?
Short example: A game requires Sound: ‘-’. The slider of sound is 0%. This is only a middle game so there is not that much time to develop. Only mono sound will fit with 100%. Adding stereo instead will result 50%. What to do? Take mono sound or stereo sound. Reducing the other sliders may result that Graphic and world design might be to low.


If a feature says “50%” then only 50% will be implented and you will only get 50% of the benefits.
So basically adding 50% stereo sound, could actually mean that 100% Mono Sound is better.
On the other hand, why put so much trouble into a part of the game, that is not that important to the genre/topic.

In order to keep making good games ( 8+ ) you will need improve your Tech and Design total by aprox. 15-20% of your last best score.

The sliders offer a lot of freedom, but you would have to experiment with that yourself, so we wont spoil it for anyone else :smile:


There’s a standard score offset for size. It’s roughly proportional to the dev-time length. AAA games have a large offset to match their long dev-time. Small games actually get a quality boost (to offset their thorough lack of dev-time), but this goes away once you move out of the garage.

The score offset means that successful AAA games will not poison your ability to produce good Large and Medium games. If anything, I’ve found the inverse to be true - good Large and Medium games poison your ability to produce successful AAA titles. The offset for the AAA title is bigger than the added quality you get out of producing at AAA durations and feature loads.


When do you 2D V4 it’s my 56th year and I only have up to V3 2D and I’ve checked my R&D lab many a time an it’s not anywhere


When do you get 2d v4