This game is ******* stupid

I keep loading a point because the next game i make sale’s report WILL say that the game has been pirated and i get shit for money, and then i go bankrupt. I even tried making a cheap shitty game so the pirate message will pass, but the next game i make with the rest of my money will be pirated too. piece of shit game is impossible

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Game is very possible - you just need a strategy :slight_smile:

Could you post a screenshot of that message?

Also, could you watch your language, since I know of a few children who play this game.


just happened to me 4 times ina row, fun game :slight_smile:

I’ve been playing for a while and I can’t say I’ve seen it more than once, might be a bug that you’re experiencing. I know it’s a tough situation, but please try to watch your language.

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You need a full not pirated version of the game. :wink:


It’s seriously fun to see you complaining about a game you got for free. Read this post for more info :smile:

while I appreciate your support, please keep the discussion civilized. There’s no reason to call names here.

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think about how you came across your copy man …good job GHG …teach the thieves a lesson