The Irony of this game; Piracy and plagiarism

I’m sure you all have heard of Game Dev Story? So here is the irony; “Be the bad guy and rip off tiny little indie developers!”

The same dev’s who complain about piracy, talk about irony from people who pirate the game and suffer pirates in the game… also post a blog showing off indie-theft as a bad thing… while having “spent over a year developing” a game that is a rip-off of an indie game. Ironic that the thieves would have a problem with theft.

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This is more about addressing the irony of the screenshot and how they captioned it in regards to their game, compared to the irony of the pirates who can’t progress in the game due to in-game piracy. It isn’t specifically about the piracy itself, but the irony.

Alright then. Personally I don’t see anything wrong with what GG did, but continue.

You do realise that the ‘screenshot’ you linked to is actually a fake created for April Fools, don’t you?

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if you think that the fact that we were inspired by GDS to make our own game dev sim is comparable to what Zynga did then you clearly haven’t played our game.

Patrick, dont even bother with these posts.

It is just uneducated writing. The games industry takes old successful games and make their own version of them the whole time, and very often make them better and with new features added on top. It happens everyday. All the time.

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It might be similar as GDS, but GDT is going deeper in the game details than GDS.
Plus Green Heart is a ‘bit’ more communicative towards their fans than Kairosoft, as they never stated anything public…

Though I see your point, it isn’t really comparable.

Klug, Did you know the differences between Theft and Piracy? Open :
if you are still closing your eyes, then ignore this

^And your point is? Piracy is stealing. Copying a copyrighted thing without buying it is cheating.

Piracy is a copyright infringement. You are copying a game without having the right to. It’s not stealing, which is taking something owned by another person without their consent. To use an analogy, it’s rather like the following situation: you see a book lying around on your coworker’s desk, you take it, make a copy, then put it back. Compare that to simply taking the book, carrying it home, and not putting it back. In the latter scenario, your co-worker will have lost a book, while in the first scenario, no-one directly loses anything, except for the copyright holder.

However, piracy is still a big problem. It’s neither legal nor moral. People do it because they can get away with it, which shows you what kind of jackass many people actually turn into when there’s no personal risk involved.

As for the general topic of the thread:

I don’t personally know GDS, but from what I read on reviews, the games share common characteristics, but are by no means the same. That’s not a big deal, it happens all the time, and it can actually improve the quality of the products in question. Take mobile OSs for example: when you see a great feature in a new version of iOS or Android, chances are a very similar thing will be implemented in the other within a short amount of time.

Not aimed at anyone in particular, more of a general statement: The only irony I see here is that people who download and play games, into which a lot of money and effort has been put, for free, claim the moral high ground when talking with the people who actually create the content. That and the high profitability of piracy websites.