The Game is not finished


The game is truly old-school, including the opacity. Reminds me of Detroit in that sense.

The idea that it’s done already is a bit old-school for indy games as well, though. It’s the internet age, and while a line needs to be drawn eventually, if people keep buying the game, it can be improved and updated, new content added. That, in turn, generates more sales. I see Terraria as a great example of this.


I think as you lie wrong. is when you play the already give up your next certainly not purchased. just as indie games manufacturer should you listen to the people. and no one here speaks of a free extension, like I pay and certainly almost all other like this. minecraft is the best example how important and should be taken seriously the community. a pity, really thought you move here and what it creates something big. whatever your next project will be, I will not buy it, because surely the next one is supplied with not much more than a two updates. a real shame.


we haven’t even said yet what we want to update. balancing and polish can be a LOT of things. Just give us some time please. we need to deal with bugs first.

We WILL listen to you guys and won’t just say no without any further clarification but please give us some time.


Yeah - you held up a mirror to pirates with your clever release strategy, don’t be surprised when the mirror gets held up to you as an indie developer!
IMO the game does need a little bit of work.
The biggest thing is clarification of the slider process IMO. PLEASE make it clearer what we are ACTUALLY changing about the game creation process.
I think that 100% on a slider should mean “The best it can be given the talent working on it” and 0% should mean “Barely functional”. If you have 3 sliders at 100%, are you increasing the development time? Does medium game take the same length of time to complete no matter where you set the sliders?

This is a strategy game. The player has to be able to make informed choices. If they try and put out a AAA title before they have the talent and money to do it, they should go bankrupt but the rub is you should make it apparent in the planning phase that that will happen, so they only have themselves to blame.

Personally, I think that if the bottom bar had an “ETA to completion” that would go a long way (or if all games take the same time, then a development time indicator on the “game size selection”. This lets players select a game that they can complete with their funds and time available. Then, make the sliders mean more through linking them as suggested above.

Finally, better flexibility in how you use your people would be great, but I suspect that that is a big deal to rework. The division of labor doesn’t really work as it is.

Seriously, with more work this game could be theme hospital. As it is, it’s fun but I can’t see myself playing it next week. It’s too random, and the balance switches from too hard to too easy way too quickly. It needs a bit more nuance in the relationship between player input and game quality output.


We like to give you time, this should not be the problem. of course bug fixes are first payable or at the top spot. only your statement sounds more like a definitive NO. It would also be interesting if you could pay a few times to say how many games have you sold? pay what you had in comparison to set as a goal? I wish you a huge success with the game, because it’s a damn good game and is fun.

a little wonder at the edge, at least would be great if you already have a response or trend it. there will be a multiplayer patch or expansion? I think you yourself would also like to have a right? :slight_smile:

many thanks to you and the time you take to answer in the forum!


I hope this settles it for now.

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